Creative ways to use low battery for marketing

Daniel Vido
2 min readFeb 6, 2018

I came across the Die with me app during the weekend. It is a very simple chat app which can only be used if your battery is lower than 5%. This art project does not make much sense and it’s not worth 1 EUR, but the idea made me think. Data are available for native apps but developers don’t use most of them. With a little creativity you can turn low battery to conversions.

So let’s assume your user has a low battery (5–10% or lower).

Option 1 — appreciate usage with low battery. The user is “wasting” the very last of his battery resources on YOUR app! This is something! If you appreciate it, the user will appreciate it. For a start you can have a toast or dialog message with a thank you. Don’t use it every time, set some filter for it (eg. once a month). Another option is to give something for the activity (eg. free coins in a game, extra content, extend the subscription, etc — options depend on the type of your app).

Option 2 — sell something which is connected to low battery. If you happen to have an app which has a shop part and it is selling tech accessories you are the luckiest. As soon as your user opens the app multiple times with low battery you should send a push messeage or dialog which contains an offer for a power bank.

Retreiving battery information is relatively easy on both platforms. Here are great tutorials for iOS and for Android.