Yes, you can convert app users from TikTok

Daniel Vido
3 min readJul 31, 2020


I will show you that driving traffic to your mobile app from this relatively new platform is quite easy.

TikTok was founded in 2012, but it became international only in 2017 and it gained main attention when fused with, a very popular application among teens. The Android and iOS app enables users to create up to 60 second videos mainly to popular music (so it involves a lot of dancing and singing). How on Earth then it is possible to convert these young dancing people to app users?

I was not convinced at all, but I gave it a try. The first problem is that you cannot place links in video descriptions and comments, not even in your bio (only if you switch to PRO account which I did later). So there was no way to measure anything the classical way. Luciky I had some apps which I did not really take care of marketing vise, they had only 1–2 downloads / pay maximum. So if I promoted them only on TikTok and the downloads went up I would know where the success came from.

The 2 cases I can present you now are:

  • arGO: this is a mashup between Pokemon GO and GTA (sort of…). You can walk around the city and steal vehicles virtually.
  • Car Scratch Quiz: similar to the logo scratch quiz apps, but here you have photos of cars.

After publishing the videos I realised that not being able to place links anywhere is not only my problem, it bothers the viewers too. They were constantly asking how and where they can download the app, so the best thing I could do was to paste the link (even thought it was not converted) and they could copy-paste it.

Now, let’s see the numbers:


  • Total views: 160,600
  • Engagement: 4,897 likes, 106 comments
  • Downloads: 1,130
  • Conversion rate (downloads / views): 0,70%

Car Scratch Quiz

  • Total views: 447,500
  • Engagement: 5636 likes, 27 comments
  • Downloads: 258
  • Conversion rate (downloads / views): 0,05%

As you can see the conversion rates are not the best, but still not impossible to get some downloads for you application. The creation of the videos does not require much effort, so why not give it a shot?

However you should know that TikTok is now very controversial, it is hated by many people and was even banned in some countires.

Some useful extra tips:

  • Switch to PRO account asap, because it will allow you to place at least one link in your bio (which you can later refer to in the comments — just like on Instagram) and it will provide awesome insights and start to your videos as well.
  • Create simple and short videos about using your app. Show some Easter eggs, cool features, new (or in progress) developments.
  • You can also add special coupons or codes to your videos (if you have such opportunity in your app) by which you can measure conversion rate further.
  • Keep in mind that the audience of TikTok is extremely young, so if your app is targeting seniors this might not be the right platform for you.